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Voyages into the Past

 Founded in 2020

Voyages into the Past is a cross-institutional social sciences outreach organization that aims to bridge the gap between the classroom and the wider world. 


Who are we?

Voyages into the Past  was founded by a ragtag group of students at the height of the Covid19 Pandemic in 2020, in an effort to bridge the discontinuities of academic practice that took place in the wake of worldwide shutdowns and disruptions. Beginning with lectures held online, the community soon grew to possess a dedicated member-base of students drawn from Calcutta, Jadavpur and Presidency Universities, and a following of over several thousand because of the quality of their productions. 

Three years later, Voyages has survived - no small feat for a student organization with a rapidly rotating member body - and has moved on quite some way. From organizing lectures online, Voyages has since diversified into publishing - with its magazine - and is attempting to begin archival and creative projects in an effort to recreate itself in order to better serve its original purpose. Voyages started out with an intent to bridge the gap between the academy and the people - and we hope to carry on bringing quality discourse and an open platform for discussion, debate and discourse free from fear, intimidation and favour. 


How can you join Voyages?

Voyages is usually accepting members around the year unless expressly specified on our social media and here on the website. We are open to members with any skillset and preferably, current students at educational institutes. To join Voyages into the Past, send us an email to with an attached letter of intent and an (optional) CV or resume. The application will be followed up by an interview with our board, and depending on the results of that interview, your application will be processed. 

Please refer to the new guidelines for members to be taken. The above conditions will not apply for the time being. 

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