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Organizational Structure

Voyages into the Past is currently comprised of  35 active members, and a small governing body that oversees the functioning of the organization. Voyages is headed by a Convenor, who is tasked as the sole signatory authority unless specified, to oversee the functioning of the society. The secretary is tasked with overseeing internal communications and maintenance of all documentation related to society operations. 

The treasurer maintains the Fund, and oversees all financial transactions. 

The joint editors-in-chief oversee all publishing work as well as text production undertaken - both online and offline, and are the primary ideating and managerial team for L'Histoire. 

The head of designs oversees the production of all public material, specifically on the art front, and also participates in the publication work of L'Histoire, doing the graphic design for the final published volume. 

The head of social media is charged with the maintenance of Voyages' few social media accounts, and with outreach efforts over the internet. 

The Voyages Constitution

Updated as of 20th December, 2023.

Coming soon.

Team Leads

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