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The Illiberalism in Liberal Spaces Project

An Oral Archive of Student Resistance

About the Project

Illiberalism in Liberal Spaces, seeks to trace patterns and practices of acts and beliefs that can be considered "illiberal" in liberal and progressive spaces, especially in nominally "liberal" institutions – most crucially here, the university space. In present times, politics has increasingly intertwined itself with our lives. It has cemented itself as one of the most crucial elements of any liberal space, with a lot of individuals showing great affinity for left-leaning politics. Examples of the same can be seen across the country, with a prominence of both partisan and non-partisan student politics within university campuses. Student activism has carved out a space for itself in the present political arena.

A space promoting free-thinking and free will, universities are spaces where voices are heard and respected and where reason towers high over illogical indoctrination. A symbol of academic freedom, the university as a liberal space shall not mass produce individuals to be under the obligation of a draconian state. Instead, it provides students a platform to voice their own opinions, free of interference from third parties. This promotion of freedom and liberty in university spaces has resulted in the creation of a "liberal space" within said campuses.

However, increased political behaviour among students has usually been met with state-sponsored repression, as well as a tendency to dilute the cause and method of students protest. The state, with its tools at its disposal, has left no stone unturned in trying to clamp down on students politics and protests in a number of recent cases. This has promoted an environment of illiberalism and made students vulnerable in such spaces.

Voyages into the Past aims to highlight such incidents through an extended and curated podcast, where each episode will explore different perspectives on a moment in student history. Through conversations with individuals involved in or associated with said specific event, Voyages aims to reduce the distance an audience often has with incidents such as these, and to create a body of memory of resistance and survival – of continuing to be free.

Join the Project

We will set up a means by which one can nominate themselves, or someone they know who has participated in student movements to share their experiences. Nominations processes coming soon!

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