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The Voyager

The blog, by Voyages into the Past

The Voyager used to be a blog run by Voyages into the Past in 2020 and 2021, that acted as a platform for history enthusiasts to share their thoughts on a wide variety of subjects and matters. After two years, we are bringing it back! The blog will primarily publish opinion pieces and longform writings on history and social sciences, but with less of the academic stringency that we give to L'Histoire. It is hosted on Tumblr and is open for everyone to read and access. To read the ten latest posts, click on the cover images in the gallery below to be redirected to the blog post. . 

Image by yeswanth M

Call for blog posts?

There are no currently open calls for content for our blog. Please refer to the announcements page for any changes, and keep in touch with us at our social media. 

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