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Upcoming Event - "Understanding October 7, 2023 and its Aftermath: A Long View of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"

While the Israeli Government would like to view the events of October 7th, 2023, devoid of any context, and reconstitute it as being an animalistic act of brute force – a symbol of an unthinking, ungrateful people, the conflict in Gaza did not start in 2023, nor in 2021, 2014, or 2006 – but rather, could be traced back at least to 1948, if not even earlier – and when placed in historical logic, these clean lines of an ‘animal people’ and the ‘world’s most humane army’ become much blurrier, and the logic of equivalence and violence is unsettled. In an environment saturated with divisive messaging aimed at legitimising violence that has been construed as being plausibly genocidal by the International Court of Justice, we at the Department of Political Science, Presidency University and Voyages into the Past, invite you to an effort to reorient the languages of discourse and legitimacy currently used by the Global North – a lecture by Professor Sumantra Bose (London School of Economics and Political Science and Director, Netaji Research Bureau) titled “Understanding October 7, 2023 and its Aftermath: A Long View of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” and an exhibition of the public outreach posters of Art Against Apartheid, designed by artists around the globe, at the PC Mahalonobis Auditorium, Presidency University, Kolkata. The event will be held 3:30 pm onwards, and is open to all. Please carry an identity card to avoid any potential conflict.

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