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My Voyages into the Early Colonial Past: A Discussion and Adda with Professor Robert Travers

A stalwart in the field of early colonial histories of South Asia, Robert Travers has long worked to defy notions of discontinuities and disruptions in the making of the British colonial enterprise in South Asia - pointing to the ways in which the making of the empire took place in a complicated world of contested legitimacies and afterlives of Mughal institutions. His latest book, Empires of Complaints, and his current research project on the impeachment trial of Warren Hastings aim to further expand on these notions and create a fuller, more nuanced understanding of the complications implicit in the building of empires. In a rare opportunity, Voyages into the Past cordially invites you to a discussion and adda with Professor Robert Travers, on his latest work and general trends and developments in colonial history at Presidency University, Kolkata on the 11th of January 2024, Thursday, at 3:30 pm. Entry is free and open to all. Please bring an ID card along with you if attending.

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