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Upcoming Event: "Hurt Sentiments: Secularism and Belonging in South Asia"

"Neeti Nair assesses landmark debates since partition—debates over the constitutional status of religious minorities and the meanings of secularism and Islam that have evolved to meet the demands of populist electoral majorities. She crosses political and territorial boundaries to bring together cases of censorship in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, each involving claims of “hurt sentiments” on the part of individuals and religious communities. Such cases, while debated in the subcontinent’s courts and parliaments, are increasingly decided on its streets in acts of vigilantism."

Voyages into the Past cordially invites you to a book talk by Professor Neeti Nair, discussing her latest work at Presidency University, Kolkata on the 15th of January 2024, Monday, at 12 pm. Entry is free and open to all. Please bring an ID card along with you if attending.

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